Turning complicated tasks into simple & enjoyable journeys from A to B.

Hei, how are you? My name is Robin Klein Schiphorst, i have 8 years cross-platform experience

Starting with a minimal viable product helps us to create quality results quick, at lower costs with less waste.

Lean UX - Research & analyse - Think big, start small - Define scope - Prototype - Test - Launch - Analyse & follow up

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Redesigning Squla’s platform

Role: UI / UX designer - Platform: Web

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Robin is a rare versatile user experience and interaction designer. In terms of production, further to his creativeness, he can carry larger complex project entirely on his own including programming. He is structured and efficient. He always keeps himself updated on the newest technology He runs effective meetings. He listens, challenges, involves and delegate. I hope i will work with him again!
Ole Andreas Sandbo - Salesdirector at Aftenposten AS
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